Tilted Friday`s Story:

Hallo Everyone!


Here you will find some information about myself and the creation of TILTED FRIDAY.


My name is Tabitha Smith and I'm expressing my visions in these garments.

The goal of my creations is to create a high end product, which will express my zest for life and and will bring you a smile every time you'll wear one of my products.

I studied fashion design at the University in Trier and graduated with my diploma. I spend my internship in London at Alexander McQueen, which gave me the vision and inspiration to create my own label. After working as a design manager in the industry for several years, I finally got the courage to create my own brand. My heart desired a company which is making sure clothes are ethically made, a fun and respectful work environment and high quality garments which bring joy to people.

That's when TILTED FRIDAY was born. 

-xx T