Tilted Friday`s Story:

Hmmm…so you want to know the story behind TILTED FRIDAY...

Once upon a time there was a little girl who always dreamed about creating her own clothes, open her own label and bring joy to the world through fashion and style…

One day, after studying fashion design in Trier, Germany and earning her Diplom (which is close to a Masters Degree) she went to work for Alexander McQueen in London, day to night and night to day… He was a big influence and inspiration to her. He also awakened the world of print art to her. And from that also began her love for all things Print.

After a while of enjoying the High Fashion spirit she thought it was time to also learn about the commercial Fashion, so she started to work for the CBR Group as a Junior Designer for Accessories. There she had the chance to create a lot of different products like jewelry, bags, hats, scarves, gloves and leggings of course ;o). Soon she became a Design Manager in the Denim and Sweat Department where she was responsible for developing the collections of these product groups. This was exciting, cause it was a whole new area and a lot of different new responsibilities. But sadly the colorful life of prints was missing….

Designing for bigger companies was fun, but she recognized that she really needed to follow her passion and create her own colorful shiny pieces!

As you already may have figured out by looking at the collections, her favorite shiny pieces are leggings. She just looooves loooves loves them but not any leggings, they have to be comfy, special and in a quality which makes every shape look their best...

So she decided to finally take the step and do what she always wanted to do!

No surprise here…you probably already guessed it: The little girl was me! (That was too obvious? uh?) 

Well and that’s where we are right now. The dreamer inside of me is creating all those lovely pieces which make the world a little bit more fun and give you guys what you been missing to be the unicorn you are!

We have an awesome team in Greece who is manufacturing every piece with great knowledge, passion and care and a few unicorns running all over the place to make this dream become bigger and bigger :o)

-xx T